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Justin Adkins profile picture
Justin Adkins
Executive Director

Software Developer and former candidate for the Ohio State Senate.

Blaine Dearth profile picture
Blaine Dearth
Director, Communications

Junior at The Ohio State University majoring in Political Science.

Clare Driscoll profile picture
Clare Driscoll
Campaign Advisor

The Ohio State University pursuing a major in Environmental Policy and Decision Making and minors in Professional Writing and French.

Beck Fisher profile picture
Beck Fisher
Director, Finances

Senior at The Ohio State University studying Public Management and Russian with a minor in Economics.

Colin Flanagan profile picture
Colin Flanagan
Director, Intern Operations & Research

Experienced professional with expertise in voter research and policy.

Joel Newby profile picture
Joel Newby
Executive Director

2020 Democractic nominee for Ohio's 15th Congressional District.

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